Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maria Sharapova's Pretty Smile - Part 6

Yet another post of the Russian blonde tennis sensation Maria Sharapova... and this time as I promised in my earlier post, its a collection of pictures of Maria Sharapova's pretty smile. I'm a fan of her smile.. nothing to hide abt that fact ;)

Showcasing a set of pictures of Maria Sharapova smiling during various fashion events and modelling endorsements....

Sharapova's smile during her brand endorsement for Sony Ericsson mobile phones

Fashionista Maria Sharapova's style statement with a stunning smile and amazing dress

Maria Sharapova at the beach in a bikini smiling for the camera... 

How cute is my smile says Sharapova in this picture modeling for canon cameras

Russian tennis star Sharapova's winning smile

Russian model and tennis player Sharapova modeling for a fashion line giving an amazing smile

Yahooo... I'm on the top of the world... says Sharapova in this picture with a stunning smile on her face

Sharapova's smile - Is my smile perfect? Yes ma'm its picture perfect..

Check out Russian tennis star Sharapova's amazing smile in this shot

Maria Sharapova's cute smile while modeling

Russian tennis star Sharapova dancing and smiling

Sharapova modeling for Nike dress in this shot giving a cute smile

Pics courtesy: Lots n lots of Sharapova fans across the world wide web :)

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Now, is there more of Sharapova's picture sets coming? You bet! :) 

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