Sunday, December 25, 2011

Outfits for 2012 Australian Open Grand Slam Event

As the 2011 year draws to closure, we get ready to watch a New year unfold and with it a new season of brand tennis...  The new season starts with Australian Open next year in January 2012 and everyone has started talking about the outfits that the players would be wearing for the Australian Open 2012 grand slam event.

From what I could gather, here are the speculated outfits that some of our top women players are wearing for Australian Open 2012:

Ana Ivanovic's Australian Open 2012 Dress:

Ana Ivanovic had released this picture in her Facebook fan page of her wearing the outfit designed for Australian Open 2012 grand slam event.
Ana Ivanovic's Australian Open 2012 Dress

Serbian Ana Ivanovic's Adidas Outfit for Australian Open Grand Slam 2012

Maria Sharapova's Australian Open Dress:
Maria Sharapova is supposed to go for white with green details for the Australian Open next season. Official confirmation is yet to come.. 
Maria Sharapova's Nike Dress for Australian Open 2012

Li Na's Australian Open Polo Top:
China's Li Na is supposed to wear this Nike Polo top for Australian Open 2012 Grand Slam

Serena William's Dress for Australian Open:

Serena William's 2012 Australian Open dress got leaked and seems like Nike is going for a similar trend that they've been following in recent years for Serena Williams by going for simple designs with mainly one predominant color. Again... official confirmation is yet to come..

We'll see more once the official confirmation comes out for the outfits for the 2012 Australian Open Grand slam event....

Btw... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the readers :)

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