Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shirtless Rafael Nadal - The Hunk in pictures :)

Spaniard Rafael Nadal is a phenom in the tennis circuit already.. with his amazing power hitting and wonderful agility to be able to retrieve balls from anywhere in the tennis court...

The Spaniard Rafael Nadal's hunk look.. showing off his abs in style

Rafael Nadal, currently ranked 2nd in the ATP rankings after Novak Djokovic (who happened to have an amazing 2011) is known for his physique and amazing body.. Nadal is a hunk in his own standards... and a handsome one too.. the ladies would agree :)

Here are some more of hunk Rafael Nadal's shirtless and toned looks.. with his washboard abs..

Rafael Nadal - The Hu'n'k in Pictures (pun intended) :P

Rafael Nadal modeling for Armani showing off his washboard abs and his hunk looks

Rafael Nadal hits the beach in his shorts... nice candid capture of Nadal's shirtless look

Young Rafael Nadal with his cool hairstyle

Top tennis star Rafael Nadal showing off his washboard abs on court

Handsome Hunk Nadal in New York Fashion magazine cover

Athletic Rafael Nadal showing off his toned body in this shot 

Rafael Nadal's shirtless look.... as a teen ager looking quite the hunk

Tennis star Nadal graces the cover of Men's Health magazine

Pics courtesy: Various internet sites..

Hope you enjoyed this set of pictures (esply for the ladies) of the Spaniard Nadal's hunk pics ;)

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