Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maria Sharapova - Endorsements & Modeling Pictures - Part 4

Its time again for another set of Russian top women's tennis sensation Maria Sharapova's pictures... this time in a different theme pictures of Sharapova...

Maria Sharapova's tennis success, beauty and appeal have enabled her to secure commercial endorsements that has actually exceeded the value of her WTA and grandslam title winnings. This post features pictures of Maria Sharapova modeling and endorsing various products.

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Pictures of Sharapova modeling for various product endorsements and advertisements.

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova modeling for Cole Haan 2011 collection of bags

Russian Sharapova posing for Nike advertisement

Maria Sharapova endorsing Tiffany wearing the Aquamarine Earrings

Pretty Russian Maria Sharapova modeling for a Canon advertisement

Maria Sharapova endorses Canon PowerShot cameras

Russian beauty Sharapova models with for Cole Haan Kyle Tote bags (2009 collection)

Sharapova with Gatorade endorsement

The Russian beauty Maria Sharapova poses infront of a newly launched Landrover

Maria Sharapova modeling for Nike Sportswear

Maria Sharapova launches her own perfume line

Pretty Sharapova endorsing Sony Ericsson mobile phones

Top women's tennis player Sharapova models for Tag Heuer watches

Nike's advertisement featuring Maria Sharapova modeling

Maria Sharapova wears Tag Heuer watches as part of her endorsement

Pictures courtesy: The numerous Maria Sharapova fan sites all around the internet

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