Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maria Sharapova and pet dog Dolce pictures - Part 8

Time for yet another post of Russian beauty Maria Sharapova... This time the picture gallery is of Maria Sharapova and her pet dog Dolce. 

Maria Sharapova has a Pomeranian dog named Dolce. Dolce means "sweet" in Italian and Maria loves her dog Dolce :)

Maria Sharapova and her pet dog Dolce

Maria Sharapova's cute pet dog

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova playing with her pet dog Dolce

Russian blonde tennis star Sharapova with her pet dog

Dolce, the Pomeranian pet dog of Maria Sharapova in her arms

Maria Sharapova petting her Pomeranian dog Dolce which means "Sweet" in Italian

Maria Sharapova posing for a photoshoot with her pet dog Dolce in her arms

Russian tennis player Sharapova with her cute little pet dog Dolce
Sharapova plays tennis with her cute pet dog Dolce watching

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Watch out more on one of my favorite tennis player Sharapova... All the best for her Australian Open 2012 Grand Slam...

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