Friday, February 15, 2013

Michelle Jenneke in Sports Illustrated magazine

Remember Michelle Jenneke, the Australian athlete? She became famous courtesy of a youtube video going viral....  The viral video had Michelle Jenneke doing her usual dancing warm-up routine before her hurdles race last year at the IAAF World Junior Championship.

Check out my earlier post on her - Michelle Jenneke who??

Michelle Jenneke dancing warm up routine

Now, Sports Illustrated has featured her in their February 2013 issue with three other sports women. The other athletes featured are Hawaiian surfer Alana Blanchard and Dutch hockey stars Ellen Hoog and Eva de Goede. Michelle Jenneke has certainly used her fame to good use by featuring in the Sports Illustrated photo shoot. 

Michelle Jenneke doing her regular dance routine during the photo shoot of her Sports Illustrated magazine feature
Pic courtesy: Sports Illustrated

Check out some of her Sports Illustrated pictures... and more directly from the Sports Illustrated site here
These are just some of pics I like of the photo shoot and all copyrights go to the Sports Illustrated magazine.

Australian athlete Michelle Jenneke featuring in Sports Illustrated Magazine February 2013 issue
Pic courtesy: Sports Illustrated

I was absolutely amazed when I found out Sports Illustrated wanted to shoot me,” Jenneke said, also adding, “I looked at the pictures and I think, wow, is that really me?

Michelle Jenneke doing a bikini photo shoot for Sports Illustrated
Pic courtesy: Sports Illustrated

Check out her interview she did during her photo shoot....

Lets wait and watch to see if Michelle Jenneke is able to transform some of this new found fame and success on the track and field too :)

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