Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Michelle Jenneke who???

Yeah yeah... you know who..... the Aussie athlete and dancing sensation Michelle Jenneke who has become an internet sensation after her dance routine video during the IAAF World Junior Championship in Barcelona last weekend got viral... 

Aussie internet sensaion Michelle Jenneke dancing

Everyone is looking forward to London Olympics 2012 which is starting this weekend... but most of the world this week was talking about a specific athlete who is not going to be there.. Michelle Jenneke, the 19-year-old Australian 100-meter hurdles runner... who has taken the world by storm with her simple n sexy dance routine in preparation for her 100-meter hurdles event.

Check out some of her pictures with her dance routine... there is a special gif showing her dance routine too.. there are many sites with Michelle Jenneke's video of her dance routine but am not including this here for a change :)

Aussie hurdler Michelle Jenneke's dance routine in preparation of her 100-meter hurdles event

Michelle Jenneke's dance routine at World Junior Championship went viral within a short period of time what with the London Olympics 2012 starting shortly

Michelle Jenneke's dance routine gif showing off her moves in preparation of her hurdles event

Atlast a picture of Michelle Jenneke running instead of her dancing which seems to take precedence of late :)

Aussie beauty Michelle Jenneke getting ready for her dance routine perhaps ;)

Michelle Jenneke missed her bus for the London Olympics 2012 but she sure seems to be on her path to the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Michelle Jenneke of Australia won silver medal at the 100m hurdles in Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Pic credit: XINHUA/SYOGOC-Pool/Liao Yujie

Pics credit: Not a particular site.. these pictures are floating in the net all over... so, not really sure where they are from.. :) 

We'll check Michelle Jenneke's progress probably during the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.... who knows she might add a few more steps in her stride ;)
Now that this is done and dusted, can we all move over to London 2012 Olympics for a change ;)

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