Friday, July 27, 2012

Maria Sharapova in Harper's Bazaar cover

Maria Sharapova recently shot for Harper's Bazaar magazine's August 2012 issue. She looked stunning which is not surprising :)

Being a big fan of Sharapova, judging from the number of post of Sharapova in this blog :D,  couldn't stop myself from posting some of the stunning pictures of Maria Sharapova during Harper's Bazaar photo shoot...

Maria Sharapova in Harper's Bazaar magazine cover of August 2012 issue

Sharapova mentioned in her facebook account, "This was such a fun shoot. I felt like I was part of a different era with the clothes, short hair, black and white images.I had my amazing and extremely comedic ( is that even a word!?) glam team there which makes these shoots an incredible artistic collaboration. And the best part was that it was during my birthday weekend in Santa Barbara. We had a fun tapas dinner at a place which I now forgot the name of (that's because it feels ages ago!) and I finally got to see one of my favorite artists in concert...Florence and the Machine."

More pictures of Maria Sharapova during Harpers Bazaar photo shoot from her website...

My personal favourite of the Harper's Bazaar Maria Sharapova photo shoot

Maria Sharapova modeling for Harper's Bazaar cover shot

A stunning picture of Maria Sharapova in an amazing background during the photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine cover

Stylish Sharapova at the Harper's Bazaar photo shoot for August 2012 issue

Another of my favourite shot of Maria Sharapova during the Harper's Bazaar cover modeling

Sharapova in short hair for Harper's Bazaar photo shoot

Maria Sharapova's stunning black and white picture of Harper's Bazaar magazine photo shoot for August 2012 edition

Pics courtesy: Thanks to Maria Sharapova's official website

A stunning collection of Sharapova's pictures.. hope she'll follow this up with a stunning olympics play with a possible gold medal at the London Olympics 2012. All the best Maria! :)

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