Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roger Federer and Rolex watches - a wonderful combo...

Roger Federer endorses Rolex watches...  this is not news to us.. ain't it? 
The Swiss master Roger Federer - arguably the best tennis player ever - has been long associated with Rolex watches..  

Roger Federer and Rolex - both are Swiss and both are known for qualities like loyalty, luxury, precision, perfection, brilliance and above all greatness!!!

Here are some of Roger Federer's pictures with Rolex watches....

Young and handsome Roger Federer sporting a Rolex watch in this modeling photo shoot

Roger Federer wearing a Rolex Datejust watch after winning one of his many grand slams

Roger Federer wearing Rolex Yacht-Master II watch after winning his French Open grand slam after numerous attempts

Roger Federer with a Rolex Day-Date II watch at the Wimbledon after winning the title

Roger Federer sporting a Rolex Daytona watch

Roger Federer's Rolex Day Date Watch 

Roger Federer endorsing Rolex in this poster

Check out more on Roger Federer's Rolex association in this Rolex page.

Roger Federer and Rolex - Live For Greatness

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