Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paraguayan soccer fan Larissa's promise

Early this week, Paraguay soccer fans got into the quarterfinals of the World Cup soccer held in South Africa. There was something more to cheer for the Paraguayans too.

Its the news about Paraguay's famous lingerie model Larissa Riquelme running naked through the streets of Paraguay's capital Asuncion if Paraguay soccer team wins the World Cup in South Africa. Now, thats a big encouragement for the players of the Paraguay team Isn't it? ;)

Paraguay's biggest soccer fan model Larissa Riquelme

Larissa Riquelme is a famous Paraguayan model who has become Paraguay's biggest soccer fan supporting her team in the ongoing soccer world cup in South Africa.

Larissa supporting Paraguay soccer team in World Cup 2010 held in South Africa

The 24-year-old Larissa has been cheering for Paraguay watching the team's matches at a public screening in downtown Asuncion - Paraguay's capital city.

The 24-year-old Larissa is seen cheering for Paraguay watching the matches in downtown Asuncion

Pictures of the sexy model Larissa cheering for Paraguay with her cell phone in between her breasts have spread like wildfire around the internet.

Larissa promised to run naked in the streets  if Paraguay wins WC

Paraguayans celebrate with Larissa after their national soccer team qualified for the quarterfinals of 2010 World Cup in South Africa, in downtown Asuncion.

Fans celebrating with Larissa on Paraguay's quarterifinal progress in the World Cup

Larissa Riquelme blowing the Vuvuzela... celebrating with the fans on Paraguay's victory...

Larissa blowing Vuvuzela to cheer the fans

I hope now lots of fans all around the world would be cheering for Paraguay... in addition to the biggest Paraguayan soccer fan Larissa ;)

Larissa - from an unknown model to overnight Paraguay's biggest soccer fan & celebrity

Once a little known model Larissa became the talk of the internet because of these pictures and her promise to run naked in the streets of Paraguay painted in Paraguayan colors.
This is Larissa Riquelme for you if you are wondering how her lingerie modelling pictures would be...

Larissa during her lingerie modelling days

Larissa's modelling days

To top this news, Riquelme isn’t the first person to promise this streaking run if their team wins the World Cup. Surprise... surprise.... Argentina head coach Diego Maradona said he’d run through Buenos Aires nude if his team brings home the World Cup. heheee..

Diego Maradona says - I can do it too :)
That I bet wouldn't be a pretty sight for anyone :) I would rather support for Paraguay...

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